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Welcome to AdvisorPractice.com, creators of the Performance Through Planning Program™, a complete, easy to implement and proven methodology, created specifically for financial advisors looking to adapt to the upcoming industry changes and transition their practice from commission-based to fee-based financial planning, thereby clearly showing added value to their clients and giving them what they all want - a holistic plan to help guide them in reaching their life and financial goals.  


Here is what one advisor had to say about the program:

"I highly recommend the products at AdvisorPractice.com. I have wanted to move from being a mutual fund specialist to a financial planner, and move to a fee basis, for quite some time. As soon as I saw the products I purchased them immediately.  If you are looking for a simple, easy to use, easy to implement, all encompassing financial planning system this is the one!  I have only used the material for a few months and not only are clients loving the planning process, they are giving us more assets! And, they are purchasing long term care, critical illness and life insurance policies from us without us having to “sell” anything; its just a part of the planning process.  My income in the past few months has already increased by $20,000 so over the next 12 months I expect to more than double that!   "

Randy James Wright[Wealth Strategist, Independent Planning Group]


To learn more about AdvisorPractice.com and the Performance Through Planning Program™ watch our Introductory 10-minute video below which contrasts our Financial Planning philosophy to the Investment Advisor model and introduces the three core areas of the Program where we focus our energy, the first of which is Step 1 - Attracting Clients.

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